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The Art of Puppet Theatre

As Oscar Wilde authored, “There are many advantages in puppets. They never argue. They have no crude views about art. They have no private lives”. Unlike people, puppets can be controlled by someonereferred to as the puppeteer. They’ve been seen throughout history as a form ofentertainment and story telling for a great deal ofviewers, from small children to seniors. One thingconcerning the art of puppetry, it has been around for centuries and I don’t see any signs of it going awayanytime soon.

Puppet theatre
performances of old, used to beperformed to communicatestories of moralityand even to generatetheatre very similar tocelebrities do today on the movie set. Over time, puppets of all kindsemerged and became shows on tvwith the message of morals still being the importanttopic of the puppet story, for instance Sesame Street and Jim Henson’s The Muppets to the more modern rave of ventriloquism performed by Jeff Dunham that containsmore entertainment then ethics. The awesomeissue about puppets, whether or not they are performing a play for yourchildren on ‘how to share’ or performing for us grown upsin making us chuckle and loosen up, they will always have a spotthroughout our lives.

The amount ofdifferent puppets have increasedthroughout the generationsas well. From shadow puppets to sock puppets to the string puppets and marionettes and never forget the wooden ones of ventriloquism. There is noshort of the forms of puppets nowadays, able tomake you grinand perhaps chuckle a time or two. With technology advances, you can even findcountless of new methods toproduce new age puppets. The possibilities are endless.

Every puppet show performed by the puppeteer tellsa narrative that can be academic, funny or even unhappywith respect to the message of the script that was prepared for the theater performance. Puppetry is an art that can be gratifying to everyone that it comes in contact with.

Whatelse can be stated about puppets? They can be fun for the audiencein addition to the puppeteer in spite of thetype of puppets utilised or what puppet theatre they are being performed in. Little elsematters except the satisfactionthey provide. From times past throughout history and to this day, puppets are an enjoymentfor all people. For more great information concerning Puppet Theatre visit Puppet Theatre.
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